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Welcome to the website for the Loughshore Parishes. This is a group of three parishes that came together in 2009 – St Mary’s Greencastle, Star of The Sea Whitehouse & St James’ Whiteabbey. There are four churches in this group, St Mary’s Greencastle, Star of The Sea Whitehouse, St James’ Whiteabbey & St Colman’s Greenisland

The links to the webcam for each of the churches is below:

  St Mary’s Greencastle

  St Mary, Star of the Sea, Whitehouse

  St James’, Whiteabbey

  St Colman’s, Greenisland

Mass times of churches in our Loughshore Parishes

Weekday Masses (Sign in at church with contact details)

  • Monday Mass in St Colman’s Greenisland  10am
  • Tuesday Rosary  6.30pm in St Mary’s Star of the Sea Whitehouse
  • Tuesday Novena Mass 7pm in St Mary’s Star of the Sea Whitehouse
  • Wednesday Mass 10am in St Mary’s Greencastle
  • Friday Mass  10am in St James’ Whiteabbey


Weekend Masses (You are required to book your seat online)

  • Saturday Vigil Mass in St Mary’s Star of the Sea, Whitehouse 5.00pm
  • Saturday Vigil Mass Greencastle 6.30pm
  • Sunday Mass St Colman’s Greenisland 9.30am
  • Sunday Mass St James’ Whiteabbey 11am


We offer our sincere thanks to all our parish volunteers who have given so generously in various ways in these past months to facilitate church openings for individual/private prayer as well as public masses.

Thank you.
Fr David.

Changes to Mass Booking Procedures.

Following a review of the procedure for booking places at Mass it has been agreed that booking online will no longer be required for normal weekday masses in the Loughshore Parish. You will just be required to sign in at the front door with your name and contact details. Online Booking will still be required in all four churches for Weekend Masses. The current booking process for Weddings and Funerals will remain unchanged.

Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible

The Bible is at the heart of our faith and our relationship with God.  Reading the Bible should bring us closer to Christ, but many people find it hard to even begin.

Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible is an 8 week online programme written by Jeff Cavins and facilitated by the Living Church office.  Course participants will receive a resource pack and connect online for a time of teaching, discussion and prayerful reflection.

There are three groups available

Wednesday Morning at 11am beginning on Wednesday 12th January

Wednesday Evening at 7pm beginning on Wednesday 12th January

Monday Evening at 7pm beginning on Monday 17th January

To register you can complete an online form https://forms.office.com/r/g3FWFK5x8w or e-mail a.steen@downandconnor.org

Come and join us for a programme will give you a way to read the bible, understand it and so experience its life changing power.

HSCNI Fostering Service

With an increase in children and young people needing foster homes across Northern Ireland, we really need you now.

Every child deserves to have a happy, loving and safe home where they’ll feel cared for, valued and supported.

It’s always the right time for fostering.

Call us on 0800 0720 137


#HSCNIFosterCare #FosterForYourCommunity #CouldYouFoster

Recommencement of postponed 2019/20 Parish Draw

Congratulations to all the winners of the Postponed May/June 2020 draw:

Special Quarterly Prize £500 – Veronica McConnell;

May First Prize £100 – Seamus Fitzpatrick;

May Second Prize £75 – Loretta Lough;

May Third Prize – Bobby McQuillan;

June First Prize £100 – Larry Nolan;

June Second Prize £75 – Teresa Brannigan;

June Third Prize £50 – Una McMahon Beattie

The remaining 4 months of the draw will be truncated into 2 months as per the following table:

Draw and Original Date New Date Prizes


9th and 10th Month July and August 6 Feb 2022  

2 of £75, 2 of £50 and 1 of £500


11th and 12th Month Sept and Oct 2020 6 March 2022 2 of £75, 2 of £50 and 1 of £500


Parishioners who are fully paid-up need take no action. Parishioners who pay monthly
can pay their double monthly subscription (2 x £5) to either Gregory Butler or Michael Mullholland. Should anyone wish to join the draw for the remaining 6 months (£30) you can do so by contacting Gregory Butler either by email Gregory.butler@ntlworld.com by
telephone 07740781700or Michael Mulholland mulhollandm56@gmail.com You
can also speak to directly to Gregory after Mass in Star of the Sea Whitehouse or
Michael Mulholland in St Colman’s Greenisland.
The new 2022/23 draw will start in April 2022
Thank you for your ongoing support and for your contributions to the Loughshore
Gregory Butler Draw Co-ordinator

Update on Weekly Collection Counters

Thank you to the 13 volunteers who have so far come forward for our collection counting teams. We ideally would like at least 18 volunteers so that we could rotate the teams of 6 on a 3-weekly basis. We would particularly welcome volunteers from St James’s as it is not currently represented on the teams.

The count for all four churches will now be taking place in Greencastle on Monday mornings.  It is anticipated it will take approximately 1 hour to complete the counts. If you want more details or wish to put your name forward, please contact Gregory Butler either by telephone 07740781700, or on WhatApp or through email at gregory.butler@ntlworld.com


In order to protect each other and keep everyone safe it is advisable to wear face masks. These have been found to be very effective in preventing the spread of the Corona Virus. We would therefore ask those coming to Mass to bring their own face mask and to wear it through the Mass until Communion time.  

We would very much welcome the donation of washable and reusable face masks that we can make available to those who do not have them.  If you can help in this respect, please contact the chairperson of the Parish Covid 19 Team, anne.mcdermottbutler@ntlworld.com, or the parish office 028 9037 0845 


There will also be an ongoing need for hand sanitiser and Dettol anti-viral wipes. All donations of these items are very much appreciated. 

Fr David.


With the social-distancing requirements there is limited seating availability in the church. We wish to avoid a scenario where we are over subscribed and have to turn people away at the door and the car park is in chaos due to cars  arriving and departing at the same time.

For Weekend Masses, please see Book A Pew link above in order to reserve a seat at the Mass you would like to attend.

For Weekday Masses (except Funerals and Weddings) it is not necessary to book but you should sign the sheet provided at the Church and provide your contact details for Track and Trace.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to move things forward.

“Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine”

(We are shielded by each other)

>>Please Read This Important Information<<

Fr David.

Loughshore Parishes Pastoral Council

Our Pastoral Council was re-constituted in October and is made up of members of various parish organisations and groups.
The purpose of the Pastoral Council is to assist our Parish Priest in his leadership role of planning, organising and reviewing evangelism, worship, religious education and various spiritual, pastoral or
communal activities within the Loughshore parishes.
The members are: Fr Delargy, Amanda Morton, Pauline O’Brien, Gerard Barrett, Jim Dobbin, Jane Hodgkinson, Donna Karikunnel, Vijay Chacko, Michael O Hara, Dympna McCormac, Leanne Green,
Anne McDermott.
We ask for your prayers as we begin our plan for 2022-2024, and we invite you to contact any member of the PPC with your thoughts on parish life.
God our Father, You have a plan for each of us. You hold out a future full of hope.  Therefore it is with hope-filled hearts that we work together as a Pastoral Council to discern Your will for our parishes.
Guide us by Your Holy Spirit to see the shape of your plan and help us to be willing to use the gifts You have given us as we work together.  May our efforts be blessed so that our parishes may truly
reflect a Living Church.  Amen.

Loughshore Parishes Covid Team Update

Our COVID Team met on Tuesday 23rd November 2021 to review the current COVID restrictions which are in place in all four of our churches.
As COVID infections are still very high, it was agreed that we will continue to follow our procedures of social distancing, sanitizing and cleaning.
Our stewards are asked to insist that facecoverings are worn during Mass and other services, except where parishioners are exempt.
It was agreed that our rota of readers can be extended. New readers will be offered training.
While there is currently no need for Eucharistic Ministers at Mass, some may be deployed to visit the sick and housebound. A register of EMs will be maintained and COVID guidance
Choirs are encouraged to re-form, provided social distancing guidance is followed. Singers should sit in a space away from the main congregation where possible.
Risk Assessments for all four churches to be updated accordingly.
The team also considered the possibility of re-opening parish halls in the New Year for certain activities such as Children’s Liturgy, and refreshments after Mass. Organizers are asked to consider if the activity is permitted under current government regulation/guidance
and if it can be carried out safely in accordance with public health advice.

Safeguarding Sunday

Our Parish Safeguarding Committee 

  • Fr David Delargy, PP
  • Anne McDermott, Whitehouse (Chair)
  • Pauline O’Brien, Greencastle
  • Margaret Hughes, Whiteabbey
  • Claire Kelly, Whiteabbey
  • Patricia McCorry, Greenisland 

Please read more information [Click Here] >>>>

  • What Does the Parish Safeguarding Committee Do? 
  • Safeguarding Children 
  • A Policy for the Catholic Church in Ireland. 

If you are worried about the safety or well-being of any child or vulnerable adult in our Lough Shore Parishes, please contact: 

  • Safeguarding Office:                   028 90 49 27 98 
  • Designated Liaison Person for Safeguarding:         
  • Ms Margaret Burke: 07534 992124 
  • Email: Margaret.burke@soddc.org 
  • PSNI101 
  • Social Services Regional Number  028 90507000  
  • Out Of Hours Regional Social Work Service028 9504 9999 
  • NSPCC Helpline0808 8005000


  • Attendance at weddings and funerals in Star of the Sea, Whitehouse is limited to 60 people.
  • Baptisms are currently taking place in St Mary’s, Greencastle.  Numbers are limited to a maximum of 10 people and only one child is to be baptised at each ceremony, unless there is more than one child from the same family to be baptised. The maximum number that can attend a baptism, marriage ceremony, or funeral is determined by the social distancing requirements and safety guidelines.
  • HOME VISITATION – Home visitation, first Friday visits and, ‘sick calls’, remain suspended and are restricted to cases of urgency only with social distancing and hygiene requirements applying.


Fr David.

Private Prayer at St Mary Church in Greencastle

Dear Parishioners,

St Mary church in Greencastle is the designated Church for this purpose and it is opened for EUCHARISTIC ADORATION every Wednesday at 10am to 1.00pm. 

A steward will be present to guide visitors and point out safety arrangements. Please note, there will be a one-way system. Please enter by the main door and use the hand sanitiser before proceeding into the church.

While you are in the church, please continue to observe social distancing (2 meters). There are five kneelers and chairs in the central part of the church. Only these are to be used. Please do not use any of the pews as these have been cordoned off and are not available. If the designated seats are occupied, please wait until one becomes available before moving into the prayer space.

Please continue reading more guidelines below.

Re-opening of Churches for Private Prayer - More Guidelines

Guidelines continued

It will be possible for you to light a candle at Our Lady’s shrine.

There is no time limit to how long you may stay, but please be aware that others may be waiting for you to finish so that they can come into the prayer space. When you are finished, use the cleaning materials provided to sanitise the kneeler and chair so that they are safe for the person coming after you. Place used cloths in the bins provided.

When exiting the church do not go back the way you came in. Following the one way system and the exit signs placed there for your convenience, please exit the church only by the side door on the right and sanitise your hands before you leave.

If the churches are to be opened at other times, it will be necessary for volunteers to come forward to assist with stewarding and cleaning duties. Please phone the parish office if you would like to help out in this way.

Thank you and God Bless you

Fr. David


Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Health of the Sick, at this time of great challenge to our country from the coronavirus, we consecrate to Jesus through your Immaculate Heart:

Read More …..

Help us, O Mother of Divine Love, to conform ourselves to the Father’s will and to do what Jesus tells us – He who took our sufferings upon Himself, and bore our sorrows to bring us, through the Cross, to the joy of the Resurrection.  O Blessed Mother, Our Life, our  Sweetness and Our Hope, we wish that this Consecration be for the glory of God and that it lead us safely to Jesus your Son.
A Naomh-Mhuire, a Mháthair Dé, guigh orainn na peacaigh, anois agus ar uair ár mbáis. Amen.


May your servants be shielded, O Lord By the protection of your loving-kindness, That, doing what is good in this world, They may reach you, their highest good. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

May Almighty God bless you, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Online Contribution(s) to your Parish

Dear Parishioners, if you wish to continue making your contributions to the various collections you can do so online from your bank account by making an electronic transfer. [For information you need to include in the payment ref so that we know who is paying and examples  please click here]

The information you will need for the Payee is:

  1. Name of Account: Star of the Sea Whitehouse
  2. Sort Code: 93 83 19
  3. Account No: 28701180
  1. Name of Account: St James Parish Account (this is the account for St James’ & St Colman’s)
  2. Sort Code: 93-84-24
  3. Account No: 09358002
  1. Name of Account: Parish of Greencastle
  2. Sort Code: 93-83-19
  3. Account No: 28883277

Coronavirus Medical Helpline

Northern Ireland now has full access to the 111 Helpline on coronavirus. This is available 24/7 to provide advice, for those who may have concerns.

Contacting your GP: If you are worried about symptoms, contact your GP via telephone. Anyone with flu  like symptoms is advised not to go to your GP’s surgery or to A&E but to seek advice over the telephone.


Click on Advice for Couples and Family  

Our Mission...To unite all of the community.

We are a faith community gathered in this place called to create a sense of belonging and family with a shared identity and shared faith, We proclaim this faith in our coming together to worship and in our sharing love with others in service.


There are 3 schools in Loughshore Parish.

  • St. Mary’s (Star of the Sea) Primary School
  • St. Mary’s Nursery School
  • St. James’ Primary School

Parish Groups

There are a number parish groups in Loughshore Parish.